The Changing of the Guard | 2015
A digital compositing and sound design exercise, this piece was produced using original footage from Amalienborg Palace in Copenhagen during the changing of the guard, an event which happens multiple times daily. I used motiontracking to digitally cut and paste video, creating a unique stylized effect.

Midnight | 2015
Recording Technique: Contact Microphone
This is a short video about time expanding in the muted hours before dawn. Actions are distilled into photographic moments. I created the soundtrack by cutting, pasting, and distorting a recording of carbonated water captured using a contact microphone.

Fly | 2015
Careful sound editing shifts viewers attention from a frivolous dinner conversation to a delicate balancing act at the intersection between life and death

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Sound Experiment | 2013
Plywood box, handmade contact microphone
An exploration in the possibility of distancing participants from a live occurance. Users deposit an alkaseltzer tablet into the slot on top of the box (mimicking the act of activating a juke box) and experience the sound of an alkaseltzer tablet dissolving in water. The dispensed alkaseltzer lands in a cup of water within the box and begins to dissolve. The sound is picked up by a water-proofed contact microphone and fed through an audio jack, playing on the disconnection that occurs between reality and "live" performances viewed on television.

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Light Shadow | 2013
in collaboration with Tristan Rodman and Zach Korol-Gold
Plywood box, hand-soldered led matrix and photocell resistor matrix
A 10x10 LED matrix is connected to a 10x10 photocell resistor matrix. Users can see a mirrored shadow of their hand on the LED matrix by placing one hand over the photocell resistor matrix. In addition the board connects with a Max MSP patch creating reactive ambient sound.