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User Interface Final | Fall 2015
collaborator: Yidan Zeng
For this project, my group attempted to tackle the problem of scheduling meetings. We wanted to create an app design where it would require the least amount of manual updates and wrangling of responses. Our idea is an integrated calendar app that compiles responses and chooses the best time for all the group members without all the email chains, or the need for everyone to know everyone else's schedules. And thus, Tally was born.

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Client Brochure | 2016
As Head of Product Experience for Duma Works one of my responsibilities was to build a responsive web brochure for teaching employers about the services provided by the company. In this final iteration I included a call form to easily collect basic client information.
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Experimental Chatroom | 2017
collaborator(s): Katibelle Sharkey, Will Urmston, Lukas Eigler-Harding
This collaboratively built, experimental chatroom explores the (sometimes hostile) power dyamics on online chatrooms and blogs. Anyone can create a chatroom, but as the chat plays out, users can "own" specific words through customizable visual displays of that word. A user may remain anonymous or not. Several chatrooms have been created, many have been self destructive. is a entertaining study about language, power, and modern (mis)communication